Incident Edit

Over Scotland, 3 Royal Air Force helicopters are flying to Balmoral castle to pick up the royal family. After the navigator in chopper 1 reports their heading as 035 the choppers unknowingly fly into the


superstorm which freezes almost anything it touches, down below people packed onto a highway freeze to death in their cars as the storm gains full power. Helicopters 1 and 2 report they have lost visual contact due to the storm blocking their view. Soon after a gage on chopper 3 starts to freeze and the pilot reports it. On chopper 1 engine 2 goes into warning mode, the co pilot reports the fuel lines start to freeze and soon after the rotor does the same. Chopper 1 suddenly drops from the sky, the pilot is astounded as the co pilot tries to get back in control but with no avail, the navigator braces for impact and the chopper hits the ground hard and slides down a hill killing all 3 on impact. Chopper 2’s Engine and Rotor RPM’s drop and the navigator witnesses the vital systems and wiring above his head freezing to the point of ice, the chopper suddenly drops as the fuel lines freeze, the co pilot yells out to prepare for crash landing, the plane hits the ground and violently rolls over killing all 3 almost instantly. On chopper 3 the engine fails and they begin loosing altitude, the co pilot tries to activate systems but it doesn’t work. He tries to pull up but can’t, the pilot shouts to hold on and the chopper almost slams nose first into the ground, it slides down a hill and comes to a rest at the bottom of it, Despite the massive drop the the co pilot manages to survive and becomes the sole survivor of the incident but this is cut short when—150 Faharenheit winds freeze him to death almost instantly after he opens the door to get out of the fallen chopper.

Aftermath Edit

The aftermath of the crash left 9 Royal Air Force personal dead as well as several others in their cars that were in the path of the storm.