Warnings Edit

Warnings of an event like this came from Scotland as the headland research center stated that the North Atlantic current had changed completely due to an imbalance of salt and freshwater from the melting polar ice caps.

Incident Edit

After high wind increases due to climate change, several tornadoes formed laying carnage to the city, a tornado warning was raised immediately and a Fox 11 chopper got on the scene immediately.


Reporter Bart and camerawoman Lisa fly over the city and film the Hollywood sign being destroyed by a tornado, another damages the Capitol Records building and a restraint nearby it, there was so much damage and people were even taking pictures, Jeff told them to get to cover and that they couldn’t stay there. Meanwhile at LAX international airport 2 torandaoes picked up a delta airlines Airbus A320 and ripped it in half, the two tornadoes then formed one gigantic tornado which destroyed an Air France Boeing 777, another nearby flung several cars at Reporter Teddy and his cameraman which they were barely able to dodge them. Back at the Capitol Records building the tornado destroyed the building, Jeff attempted to escape in his Porsche but a bus got dropped on top of him and crushed his car killing him instantly. Nearby the Los Angeles skyline Teddy and his cameraman spotted and filmed a tornado destroying houses and another larger one heading towards the Los Angeles skyline. In a nearby building a weather monitor saw his tornado monitor exceeding category 5 and raced back to his girlfriend. Meanwhile while Teddy was reporting a large sign headed his way and despite warning from the cameraman he was crushed. In his apartment the weather monitor undid the blinds and saw a gigantic tornado that destroyed the room they were in. The janitor then went to check on them and found that the room didn’t exist anymore.

Aftermath Edit

The incident left hundreds dead and thousands homeless, after the incident most people began to move south into Mexico, Texas and unfloaded parts of Florida.